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Programs & Services

General / intensive English

Elevate your English proficiency with our General/Intensive English courses. Explore further to unlock your full linguistic potential.

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Afternoon English

Enhance your language skills conveniently with our Afternoon English program. Perfect for busy schedules, delve into focused language learning during your free hours. Click to learn more about our Afternoon English offerings.

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Special Events

We host a variety of special events, including our popular Speaking Club and cultural gatherings. These events provide our students with unique opportunities to enhance their language skills, engage in enriching activities, and experience diverse traditions.

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One-To-One Lessons

30-minute one-to-one lessons with your teacher are available upon request. The price is negotiable.

Accommodation / Homestay

Explore our Accommodation/Homestay services for a comfortable stay during your English learning journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to Yorkshire College?

You can apply online through our website Yorkshire College.

What are the tuition fees for the upcoming academic year?

Tuition fees vary depending on the course and student status. You can find detailed information on our website (insert link for a page with the price list) or by contacting the admissions office.

Are there any accommodation/homestay options provided by the college?

Yes, we are happy to offer a friendly experience for our students through our homestay and student accommodation service.

What levels of English are there at the college?

We have A1, A2, B1+, B1+, B2, and C1 so that we can find the class that is most suitable for you.

Is there an IELTS preparation course at Yorkshire College?

Yes, by choosing the Intensive English Course, you will have an opportunity to select one of the following boosters (you can only choose one):
- Foundation IELTS (B1 - B2 learners)
- Classic IELTS (B2+ learners)
- Business English (B1+ learners)
- EAP (English for Academic Purposes) (B1+ learners)
- Life in the UK (A1 - A2 learners)
- Conversation Skills (A1 - A2 learners)

Are there any social activities at Yorkshire College?

Yes, at Yorkshire College, we offer daily social activities, such as sports activities, bowling, Speaking Club + Afternoon tea, Language Exchange, and Movie days. Also, we have a monthly trip around the UK.

How can I book transportation from the airport in the UK?

For booking transportation, you need to give us 2 weeks' notice through WhatsApp at +44 777460660, phone, or email us at info@theyorkshirecollege.com, and we will organise transportation for you.


I’m really into Yorkshire College because all the teachers and staff are friendly and helpful. It gives me motivation to learn English.



I studied at Yorkshire College for several months and wanted to say a huge thank you for the knowledge I received. My English has improved very well. It was always interesting to attend lessons. Speaking club on Wednesdays was a great opportunity to improve your language. We went on excursions to other cities in England and it was very interesting. The teachers provide engaging classes. The experience I had was very positive and warm and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you.



The Yorkshire College is an amazing place because it has fantastic teachers and friendly students. There are lots of wonderful activities like the speaking club on Wednesday. I recommend it if you want to improve your English.


Saudi Arabia

I am back at the college, because my first experience was really fantastic, the quality of the teaching, the teacher had a pedagogy which led us to progress day after day, the equipment used helped to better store the lessons. Finally, the The atmosphere that reigns is warm and conducive to learning, and the professionalism of the staff, all these reasons pushed me to return to this college, knowing that I come from France and it is important for me to acquire a good mastery of the English language.



I have been a student at Yorkshire College for over a month now, and I am deeply grateful for the dedication of both the teachers and the administrative staff here. Currently, I am enrolled in the advanced class, where Teacher Richard demonstrates exceptional professionalism in his teaching approach. He offers a broad array of activities to enhance our exposure to the English language. Moreover, his concern for students' progress during lessons is admirable. He provides instant feedback, helping us avoid repeating the same mistakes. Particularly noteworthy is his expertise in IELTS speaking. He has taught us valuable techniques and tools that are immensely useful. The student community here, coming from diverse backgrounds, is friendly and welcoming, creating an environment where I have been able to acquire English skills quite naturally and effortlessly. I highly recommend Yorkshire College to other students seeking a supportive and effective learning experience.